Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Termites in Hawaii

In Hawaii, there are two main types of termites, ground termites and drywood termites. 

  • Drywood Termites: Drywood termites are the ones you see flying around the house - they come in the hundreds, and usually like to eat your doors, cabinets, baseboards, things like that. Professionals can usually spot treat them with a spray or if there are several nests, tent the house. 
  • Ground Termites: Ground termites, you don't see - they live in the ground, come in the millions, and can eat an entire house in just a short period of time. These you can treat by having professionals do a ground treatment that usually lasts for 5 years under warranty. You can do this to prevent the ground termites, whereas there is no real preventative measure for drywood termites.

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